Chelsea Lucas
Founder of Session Yoga

Chelsea is a Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and E-RYT 200 as well as a Certified Massage Therapist. She is a Lululemon Ambassador in Tucson. Chelsea has been practicing yoga since 2006 and began teaching shortly thereafter. Chelsea owned and operated Arizona Power Yoga in Tucson  prior to creating Session. Her love of business and yoga makes being a studio owner the perfect fit for her. Chelsea teaches a dynamic power flow and is committed to creating a balanced and empowering yoga experience.Chelsea enjoys being a DJ at KXCI in Tucson and hanging out with her dogs.

Dove Crawford

Dove Crawford strives to infuse every aspect of life with her unique blend of strength, passion, playfulness and joy. She draws from her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science, her Master of  Science degree in Kinesiology along with her experiences as a Marine Corps veteran, law enforcement public servant and yoga devotee as she explores the yogic path. Dove is happiest when sharing the beauty of yoga and wellness with others. Dove is a RYT-200 graduate of the Session School of Yoga.

Sarah Orzel

Sarah is an RYT 200 as well as a certified personal trainer.  Sarah found power yoga in high school and never looked back.  After graduating from the University of Arizona she wanted to pursue something she loved and that was becoming a yoga instructor.  She believes every one has the power and potential to be the person and yogi they want to be.  Sarah likes to keep her classes full of fun, flow and music.

Jes Gale

Jes has a deeply rooted history with movement as a means to explore, open and connect with the Self, so the place where this all began is fairly impossible to pinpoint. For many years, asana was a way to prepare for, get better at, and stay in shape for, dancing. That culminated in a degree in dance from California State University, Long Beach, as well as a number of professional performances.


Jes went on to complete her 200-hour certification (Yoga Alliance RYT 200) in New York City, in 2009. She has since had the incredible opportunity to share her practice with yogis in California, Connecticut and now Arizona. She believes in yoga’s ability to help us press our ‘reset’ button; yoga can remind us of our infinite possibility, drawing us in the opposite direction of the things that keep us from what we truly want… simply by showing up. A regular yoga practice has informed and deepened her gratitude and love for everything.

Denese Bottrell

After years in corporate marketing, Denese now enjoys encouraging people to live their best life as an Institute for Integrative Nutrition, certified health and lifestyle coach. She became a 200-hr RYT in 2004 and completed Baron Baptiste’s Level 1 Teacher Training in 2009 as a way to deepen her own practice and safely complete six marathons. While she has practiced Ashtanga yoga for years, even studying at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, India, she believes all yoga is good yoga and credits her many teachers with giving her the tools to create her own happiness, no matter what life brings her way. She believes in the power of a rhythmic, daily yoga practice and loves nothing more than inspiring students to explore their unique voice and path toward health and happiness.

Jessica Fesko

Jessica began practicing yoga in 2003 shortly after moving back to her hometown of Chicago, IL. While exploring the many different styles of yoga, she discovered that yoga was a key element in managing her life long struggle with depression. After moving to Tucson in 2008, Jessica became a certified medical assistant and continued her search for the style of yoga she felt most connected to. In 2012, through Session Yoga, she was introduced to power vinyasa yoga.


Jessica completed the 200-hour certification (Yoga Alliance RYT 200) through Session School of Yoga in 2013. It is her goal to bring yoga to anyone and everyone who wants to experience the vast benefits of the practice regardless of age, physical ability or emotional state. Her classes are a balanced flow fueled by rock and roll!

Natalie Taylor
Studio Manager and Teacher

Natalie received her RYT-200 certification from the Session School of Yoga in 2014. She has been practicing yoga for years, but only recently discovered her love of power vinyasa at Session Yoga.  As a former middle school teacher, Natalie believes in the transformative power of education and relationships, both of which she strives to bring into her classes. Her background in education makes her a perfect fit as Session Yoga’s Manager.  A regular yoga practice has helped her reconnect and find peace. She hopes to open that door to all in her community. Natalie is thrilled to be a part of the Session family!

Staci Martin

Staci is a RYT-200 certified yoga teacher and recent graduate of Session School of Yoga’s teacher training. A former high school teacher, Staci’s core belief is that everyone has exactly what he or she needs to grow and learn. The magic is finding it within oneself. As a yoga teacher, she is grateful to be part of the personal journey that yoga gives everyone and sees that as we rise up, we can rise up with support and love. Staci’s passion for education, being active, and her interest in mindfulness has made yoga a perfect fit for growth and expansion. Staci’s long-term goal is to bring about a fusion of yoga practice and K-12 education and to train school leaders and teachers how to use yoga and mindfulness to support students in their academic and personal goals. When not in the studio, Staci is either working on finishing her PhD in Educational Leadership at the University of Arizona, mediating like a rockstar, or walking with the dogs.

Nychole (NYC) Reilly

NYC (Nychole) found appreciation for yoga a few years back after sustaining a running injury. She practiced yoga consistently and was able to be restored both physically and to her discovery, spiritually. She decided to deepen her appreciation for yoga by completing the RYT 200 certification through Session School of Yoga in 2014 and is a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance.

At the end of RYT certification NYC left corporate life to follow her passion and to help others through the power of yoga. Her classes are designed to help fellow students explore their own potential by guiding them through powerful, playful, and mindful sequences.

Nothing makes NYC happier than seeing a class full of sweaty and smiling yogis.

Angela White

Angela’s love for yoga began nearly a decade ago when she wandered into an Ashtanga class in a small yoga studio in Philadelphia, PA. Since then, a yoga practice born out of curiosity has become one of her greatest tools for healing, growth and transformation. She was fortunate to spend many years practicing under the expert eye of Darren Rhodes and received her RYT-200 certification in alignment-based Hatha Yoga through Yoga Oasis in 2014. Although she loves practicing and learning about all styles of yoga, she’s especially drawn to the physically challenging and meditative quality of Power Vinyasa Yoga.

As someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression, Angela is passionate about yoga’s unique ability to facilitate profound change – physically, mentally and spiritually. She is deeply grateful for the practice of yoga, for all of her remarkable teachers and for the opportunity to help others find strength, healing and peace through yoga.

Leah Edais

Leah is a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200hr level. Leah immersed herself into yoga as a way to cope with daily stress in her life that lead to triggering her anxiety and feelings of hopelessness. Yoga started out as an activity to maintain her posture from the ballet she practiced growing up, but it rapidly progressed to much more. Yoga became a part of her world, she began to open her heart and see things as simply and beautifully as they are. She transformed her surroundings  to be  sustainable, healthy and nurturing. She practices at Session daily and graduated from Session School of Yoga in 2014.  She spends her free time in Massage Therapy school, balancing in fun asanas, working on mindfulness, cuddling with her dog and laughing with her fellow yogi’s to stay grounded through the challenging times.

Leah Bolton


Leah started practicing yoga in 2010 as a way to rehabilitate a foot injury, and found her passion for practice right away. She fell in love with yoga’s ability to simultaneously calm and awaken both body and mind. In 2014, Leah completed her RYT-200 certification with Darren Rhodes at Yoga Oasis. She continued her study of asana at Balancing Monkey Yoga in Hilo, Hawaii, where she was first introduced to vinyasa. Leah’s classes aim to be challenging, fun, and promote an overall sense of well being for her students. She believes regular practice is an essential part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Outside the studio, Leah enjoys drinking kombucha, singing along to hip-hop songs, and hanging out with her dog.


Kaitlyn Wolin



Kaitlyn is a RYT-200 certified yoga teacher who began her yoga journey back in 2012. What began simply as a way to exercise, quickly transformed into much more when she began to fall in love with not only the physical practice of yoga, but also its transformative power over her life. After seeing how much yoga changed her life, she made the decision to become a yoga teacher so that she could share this love and light with everyone around her. She completed her teacher training in 2014 with Session Yoga and has been teaching yoga to kids and adults of all ages ever since!