Teachers + Staff

Chelsea Lucas

Founder + Owner of Session Yoga
Director: Session School of Yoga

Chelsea is a Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and E- RYT 500. She is a Legacy Lululemon Ambassador in Tucson. Chelsea has been practicing yoga since 2005 and began teaching shortly thereafter. Chelsea owned and operated Arizona Power Yoga in 2007 in  Tucson prior to creating Session Yoga in 2012.  She studied and worked for Baron Baptiste and received her 500 hour certification in Rishikesh India. Chelsea Founded Safe Studio Project a non profit helping raise awareness about sexual misconduct in the yoga community.  Her love of business and yoga makes being a studio owner the perfect fit for her. Chelsea teaches  Baptiste power flow and is committed to creating a balanced and empowering yoga experience. Chelsea enjoys being a DJ at KXCI in Tucson and hanging out with her dogs.



Miryam started practicing yoga at Session at age 14. She graduated from Session School of Yoga August 2017 and is an RYT 200.   She attends University of Arizona. At just 18 she is our youngest teacher with a fierce love for the practice and it shows in every class she teaches. She speaks multiple languages, was born in Spain and has wanderlust.

Leah C.


Leah started practicing yoga in 2010 as a way to rehabilitate a foot injury, and found her passion for practice right away. She fell in love with yoga’s ability to simultaneously calm and awaken both body and mind. In 2014, Leah completed her RYT-200 certification with Darren Rhodes at Yoga Oasis. She continued her study of asana at Balancing Monkey Yoga in Hilo, Hawaii, where she was first introduced to vinyasa. Leah’s classes aim to be challenging, fun, and promote an overall sense of well being for her students. She believes regular practice is an essential part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Outside the studio, Leah enjoys drinking kombucha, singing along to hip-hop songs, and hanging out with her dog.



After several years of practicing various types of yoga Eve’s yoga journey led her to her first power yoga class which in turn led to her first 200 EYT teacher training in Canada in 2009. Eve has completed teacher trainings with Baron Baptiste and is a Certified Baptiste Power Yoga teacher. Eve has taught power yoga, led retreats, workshops and various other yoga programs. Remaining true to the lifelong learner in her she continued her teacher trainings in LifePower Yoga with Jonny Kest, The Body & Beyond, and Detox Flow with Seane Corn to name a few. “ When the student is ready the teacher appears, when the student is truly ready the teacher disappears.” ~Lao Tzu . Happy to be a part of the Session Yoga Family!

Leah L.


Leah is a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200hr level and LMT. She believes the body is an incredible machine made up of many parts, both physical and mental. Through her years of experience practicing yoga, she has seen how yoga plays an integral part in bringing the mind and body together. Yoga became a part of Leah’s world at a young age. Her mother opened her up to yoga when she was 8 years old. At that point in her life, it was more of a fun stretchy time between ballet classes. Over the years, yoga became an outlet for Leah to express herself, coping from stress and anxiety, also a healthy way to let loose and have fun. She began to open her heart and see things as simply and beautifully as they are. She transformed her surroundings to be sustainable, healthy and nurturing. She practices at Session regularly and graduated from Session School of Yoga in 2014. She spends her free time with animals, some which are her own. She has an active life practicing massage, pet sitting and spending time with her fellow yogis because laugh therapy is good for the soul.



Kelly began her yoga practice in 2010 while attending NAU in Flagstaff. She found yoga to be a perfect outlet during her college years her love of the practice continued for years and she graduated Session School of Yoga in 2017. Her love of music is apparent in each class she teaches. She feels that breath work is the most important part of her teaching. When she isn’t teaching she enjoys spending time outside with family and friends, hiking, skiing, cooking and cozying up on the couch with a cup of tea.



Mark graduated from Session School of Yoga in 2018.

Mark, a 5th generation native Tucsonan, has a deep rooted love for his desert domicile. His endless childlike curiosity and attraction to where he finds Spirit eventually brought him to his first yoga session in 2015. At first he simply appreciated the physicality and mental relaxation of the practice, but after a couple months of consistency, he began to notice something magical. Mark experienced powerful shifts in his behavior towards himself and others; he noticed an increase in productivity and boosted confidence; he felt heightened sense of well-being and purpose. From this rapid and humbling period of growth, he quickly identified yoga as a deeply spiritual path.

From that point, Mark sought out (and continues to seek) as much yogic history and philosophy as possible.The thing he enjoys most about the practice is: there’s infinite ways to practice! From meditation, chanting, and breathwork to acts of service, ethical behavior, and self-care, Mark see’s nearly all aspects of life as an opportunity to practice yoga. He strives to share this empowerment wherever he goes, both on and off the mat. He believes the most transformative experiences of yoga can happen at anytime–all you have to do is practice!

Outside of Session, Mark is a Plant-Based Chef! He loves creating and sharing nourishment for the mind, body and soul.



Maggie graduated from Session School of Yoga in March of 2019. Her passion for teaching and the practice shows in every class! She started practicing yoga  in 2015 truly just out of curiosity and never imagined how much of an impact it would be after all this years. She fell in love with yoga for its constant movement while calming the mind.  For her is is like pausing time  and connecting  to recharge and fall in deeply into a spiral of movements and moments of stillness with the help of mindfully breathing. She believes that yoga finds you on the most difficult times and challenging moments and that’s where you most need to ground yourself and listen to body and mind. This studio has become part of her personal growth, by letting her be herself in my most vulnerable and happiest moments and nothing can be compared to that feeling of being safe in space.



Shelley graduated Session School of Yoga April 2018.  She was introduced to Session yoga shortly after its opening. She found the movement of power yoga to be a great compliment to her dance background. From there, it slowly grew into an obsession/passion, loving the way yoga was not only changing her physical strengths, but her mental strengths and abilities as well. She found it gave her a similar outlet that dance had, yet also connected her to mind, body and breath on a completely different level. For years she considered becoming a yoga instructor, thinking it would come naturally after teaching dance for a number of years, so she finally took the plunge and completed her 200-hour certification through the Session School of Yoga. Shelley hopes to inspire others to find the kind of outlet and connection that began her yoga journey.



Maya received her RYT-200 certification from the Session School of Yoga in 2020. Her yoga journey began in 2010 with prenatal yoga while pregnant with her daughter, realizing the life changing benefits of linking breath to movement and finding a deeper mind, body, and spirit connection. Through her continued practice she gained the understanding of how important it is to move energy through yoga, creating new opportunities for healing and growth, which is the cornerstone of her practice today. Maya is a native Tucsonan and attended the University of Arizona. Off the mat, she enjoys staying active through hiking, running, and HIIT, creating cut-and-paste collages from magazines, sipping coffee from local roasters, and exploring the outdoors with her family.



Malie was born and raised in Minnesota but always felt as if the desert had been calling her entire life. She moved to Tucson in August of 2017 and quickly felt at home amongst the mountains and the community here. She found yoga in 2019 and graduated as a 200 RYT from Session Yoga in August of 2020. Malie was first drawn to yoga, as most people are, for the physical asana practice. Within a few months of developing a regular practice, she quickly fell in love with the way that yoga calms and connects the mind to body, through breath and movement, and how the lessons we learn in our asana practice are so easily transferable to the time spent off our mats. Connecting breath and intentional movement through yoga, hiking or dancing are part of everyday life for Malie. Some of her favorite things include spending time with nature, with friends and family, with animals of all kinds, and studying different limbs of yoga. She lives  life with a heart full of love and believes in the power of surrendering to the ebb and flow of lifeand breath to lead you wherever you are meant to be. 



Brittany received her teacher training certification with session yoga in August 2021. She has a passion for health & wellness and pursuing journeys that bring a greater sense of well-being & inner peace. She began practicing various types of yoga in 2017 during her postpartum journey and that opened up her mind to the powerful benefits of yoga both on and off the mat. Aware of the life changing opportunity for personal growth she pursued to complete her yoga teacher training as a way to further connect to her practice & deepen her spiritual journey. She has seen a huge positive transformation in her personal journey off the mat since practicing and teaching power vinyasa yoga with session. Brittany is a leader at heart, a ceramic artist, entrepreneur and loves to travel and have new experiences. After spending time with her family she enjoys connecting with nature, both outdoors and her indoor house plant collection. She loves animals and believes kindness matters.



In her younger years, Callie found her Zen through music and dance. Being from Colorado, Callie also found hot yoga comforting and healing through the cold winters. Callie moved to Oregon in 2012 and became a mother. She fell in love with Yoga at a local Hot Yoga studio with great community of Yogis to practice with. After moving to Tucson in 2014, Callie found Session Yoga and loved the vibe. She is a graduate of the 200hr RYT Program at Session School of Yoga, and is proud to be a teacher here. Callie finds Yoga helps balance her life in many ways; mentally, physically and spiritually. Callie finds fulfillment in sharing the benefits of Yoga with others; there is nothing better than the smiles on peoples faces after yoga class. Callie also finds joy in spending time with her family, friends and the outdoors.



Jacob started attending Session yoga classes at the end of 2020 and shortly after received his RYT-200 certification from Session School of Yoga in the Summer of 2021. After practicing various types of yoga around Tucson throughout the years, Jacob came to a liking of the hot power vinyasa Session Yoga offers. Yoga remains one of the strongest pillars in his life as it continually offers a space for physicality, growth, and community. A space to explore and better understand your own mind- thoughts, feelings, and actions, as well as your body, spirit, and the people and objects that surround us. Jacob sees yoga as a tool to learn more about human nature. His keen interest in yoga and the mind body connection makes Jacob a perfect fit for a yoga instructor. Off the mat, he enjoys creating and learning.



Caitlin Rose, movement artist and yogi, is originally from Baltimore, MD. She graduated with honors from Towson University with a BFA in Dance Performance and a K-12 Teaching Certification. Professionally, she has been teaching, dancing, and practicing yoga for over 10 years in both the private studio and public education sectors. Caitlin received her 200-hour yoga certification, here at Session, in the Baptiste Power Flow Method. She is currently teaching dance classes while pursuing her MFA in Dance with an emphasis in Performance and Choreography at the University of Arizona. Caitlin’s ultimate goal is to share power, light, and love through movement in any way she can. Come as you are and let’s flow!



Charly completed her RYT-200 hour from the Session School of Yoga in 2021. She was introduced to yoga at a young age, but it wasn’t until she found Session Yoga that she began to develop a regular yogasana practice. The physical practice of Yoga is what first sparked her interest, but yogic philosophy and spiritual growth on and off the mat is what truly captured her heart. Charly chose to pursue a career in Nursing; however she has experienced more physical, emotional, and spiritual healing in herself and her community in this space than anywhere else. Charly believes that yoga helps each of us move through the world more kindly and with more love. Her goal is to facilitate healing in the community by helping others remember their true selves and live life in alignment. Charly teaches a gentle yet challenging class that encourages her students to move intuitively and take movements that their bodies are asking for. Charly loves to spend time looking at the moon, cooking up plant based food, reading, and thrifting. Some of her biggest passions are wellness, spirituality and sustainability. She loves to spend time each day dancing, chanting and playing outside.



Mackenzie is a 2021 graduate of Session School of Yoga and couldn’t be more stoked to be a part of the Session Yoga family! She is a fitness enthusiast and a firm believer in quieting the mind through movement. She finds peace in the transformative nature of moving meditation and wants to share that peace with as many people as she can. She aims for her classes to be a welcoming, safe space for all body types, ages, backgrounds, and yoga experience. Mackenzie loves yoga not only for the physical practice and associated benefits, but also for the spiritual and personal growth that extends off the mat. When she’s not reminding you to reconnect with your breath, she’s probably carefully curating a Spotify playlist, attending another group fitness class, or making her way through local coffee shops to find the best oat milk cafe au lait. She can’t wait to see you on the mat!


Teacher + Director of Yin Yoga Teacher Training
Hannah graduated from Session School of Yoga in 2016. She began teaching right away. Soon after she completed her Yin Training Certification with The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. She has immersed herself in this path. She started a yoga practice in her teens and knew very early that she wanted to help and heal through movement/physical work.  She was on a fast track to become a Physical Therapist and  finished her undergrad in Kinesiology and shortly after  started  college’s PT Doctoral program.  She runs the wellness department at Miraval and has facilitated many teacher trainings and wellness retreats in Austin and on the east coast. Session is very special to her  as she started her journey here. She healed as an individual though this work and teaches an inspiring power flow and a grounded intuitive yin practice that allows others that sacred space to heal as well.

Ricky Abud

Teacher + Tucson Mens Circle Facilitator



Karl began practicing yoga in 2012 and fell in love with hot power vinyasa after his first class. Wanting to deepen his personal practice and learn more about the mental aspect of yoga, he completed the RYT-200 teacher training at Session School of Yoga in 2022. During teacher training, he felt a strong calling to teach as a service to give back to the yoga community that had/ has such a positive impact on his life. Outside of yoga, Karl works in corporate revenue accounting, plays golf, and lives with his beautiful Corgi, Chip.



Cate graduated from Session Yoga Teacher School in March 2022 and is a RYT 200. She desires to create opportunities for others to experience the richness of a personal yoga practice; through a focused and powerful vinyasa, she allows yogi’s into create shapes and take up space. A Tucson Native, Cate is no stranger to a hot room, and has been practicing hot yoga for the last 10 years. Outside the yoga studio, you can find Cate in the classroom with her 4th graders or day dreaming about her next adventure.

Liv M.


Liv M graduated from the Session School of Yoga in 2022, initially looking to explore and deepen her physical and spiritual practice after having practiced for six years. During teacher training she was quickly inspired to guide her friends and community through powerful and intentional practices.
After struggling with the onset of intense anxiety, Liv threw herself into spiritual practice and found sanctuary and immense relief in the yoga studio. She’s very passionate about the physical, ethical, and spiritual practices of yoga and how they have brought peace, authenticity, and purpose into her life.
Liv grew up in Columbus, Ohio where she spent most of her life riding horses, and moved to Tucson in 2017. Here she loves to hike, cook, enjoy live music, studying all things spiritual, and hanging out with her cat named Squid.

Liv S.




Erica is a mom, a teacher, and a yogi. She teaches high school literature and composition as well as French when she is not teaching yoga. If she isn’t doing yoga or teaching someone something, you will find her hiking, reading or traveling. Erica completed her first RYT 200 in 2015 in with a specialization in Hot Vinyasa and Yin at Lifepower Yoga in Parker, CO. Erica moved from Colorado to Tucson in 2017 and began practicing at Session at that time.  She completed an additional Yin Teaching Certification from the Session School of Yoga in 2018. In 2022 Erica completed her second RYT 200 Hour Training, also with the Session School of Yoga.